Frequently Asked Questions

How far is the boarding residence from SJK's main campus? How far is the boarding residence from Toronto's Pearson Airport? 

The boarding residence is a brief 15 minute bus ride from SJK's main campus, just east of Waterloo. We offer all boarding students an express bus service every weekday morning and afternoon to ensure all students reach the school in a timely manner. 

The boarding residence is approximately 1 hour by car from Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) and approximately 25 minutes by car from Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF). 

Will I be able to use the facilities at the University of Waterloo and explore the downtown waterloo area?

Absolutely! SJK has entered an agreement with the University of Waterloo to ensure that SJK Boarding students will have access to certain facilities on the University of Waterloo campus, including their library and fitness facilities. The downtown Waterloo area can be explored during downtime over the weekends and on certain weeknights once school work is completed. There's much to see and do in the area, which is a great feature of this boarding program and residence location!

Will Boys and Girls be living together?

The boarding residence will be co-ed, but boys and girls will be separated into gender-specific wings of the residence. Common areas, such as the games lounge, will be co-ed

what are the fees for SJK's boarding program?

The SJK Boarding Program fees can be found here. The SJK Boarding Program is open to both Canadian and international students that are in Grades 9 - 12.